Ingram resigns from CP’s Board of Directors

Written by Mischa Wanek-Libman, editor
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Canadian Pacific

Tony Ingram has resigned from the Canadian Pacific Board of Directors. This is the third member of the board to resign in the past month following a tough proxy battle that came to a head at the railroad's annual meeting in May in which then-president and CEO, Fred Green, stepped down.

Dave Raisbeck stepped down at the beginning of June followed by Rick George and now Ingram. The board does not intend to fill the vacancies left by Raisbeck, George or Ingram.

During his tenure, Ingram served on two board committees, namely the Safety, Operations and Environment Committee (SOE) and the Management Resources and Compensation Committee.

“Mr. Ingram’s insight and guidance was particularly appreciated by the SOE Committee,” said Paul Haggis, chairman of the board. “The board wishes to thank Tony for his contributions to the company.”

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