Port of Montreal railway union ratifies six-year agreement

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

In Montreal, QB, Canada, a Port of Montreal railway union ratified a six-year agreement December 12 that will govern labor relations until December 31, 2018.


“We are very happy with the ratification of this agreement. It will ensure industrial peace for the next six years, while strengthening the stability of the port services from which our partners and customers benefit. This stability will also contribute to the efficiency and competitiveness of our port operations,” said Sylvie Vachon, president and chief executive officer of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA).

“These long-term agreements with the Port of Montreal unions will contribute to the positive labor climate. I want to thank our employees for their cooperation during the negotiations. It is greatly appreciated,” added Serge Auclair, vice president strategy and human resources.

The Port of Montreal railway workers perform functions, such as locomotive operator, signaler and yardmaster. They are members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees.



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