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Bridgeport, Ct., delegation expects approval of state funds for Barnum Station

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The Bridgeport, Ct., legislative delegation, led by Chair Rep. Andres Ayala, anticipates $1 million in state funding to be approved by the State Bond Commission when they meet Friday December 9, to begin ground work on a second train station that Rep. Ayala says will bring significant benefits to East Side commuters and the entire city. "The site of this second rail station will spur further economic development. Currently, the city of Bridgeport has numerous projects in this area which would be well served by the second station," Rep. Ayala said. "This could be the spark which ignites further investment opportunities and better jobs and housing for our residents. As chairman of the Bonding Subcommittee on Transportation, I am pleased to see this project move forward." The funds will support on site remediation efforts on the seven-acre parcel on Barnum Avenue and will help with the area's revitalization initiatives. Bridgeport was the successful recipient of a Sustainable Communities Grant Award to explore the feasibility of a second station at this site. The planned station will serve to expand transportation options for commuters that have difficulties accessing the current downtown station.

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