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Caltrain construction, maintenance Feb. 6-12

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Feb. 6-11, between the hours of 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. crews will be finishing up work on Caltrain's Grade Crossing Improvement Program. Work will take place at the following locations: in Burlingame at Oak Grove Avenue and Peninsula Avenue; in Redwood City at Main Street and Chestnut Street; in San Mateo at Villa Terrace Avenue and First Avenue; and in Menlo Park at Encinal Avenue, Glenwood Avenue, Oak Grove Avenue and Ravenswood Avenue

Throughout the project
area, at least one lane of the impacted street will remain open. Flagmen will
direct traffic and pedestrians around the construction.

Work on a $2.8-million
project to add additional signals to the Caltrain signal system will take place
in Belmont on Feb. 6-7 from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m.

Feb. 6-10, Caltrain will
use a "detector" car to inspect the rails. This on-track car uses ultrasonic
equipment to detect minute flaws in the rails that are not visible to the naked
eye. These flaws may the result of manufacturing defects or simply develop over
time. If a critical flaw is found, it is repaired immediately.

On Feb. 7, crews resurfaced
the tracks between the Bayshore and Millbrae stations. Feb. 8-11, crews will
replace ballast along the tracks between the Millbrae and Atherton stations.

On Feb. 12, work will be done
on the tracks that cross Poplar Avenue bridge. The work is part of a project to
replace the crossties on the tracks that cross four bridges in San Mateo. The work
began on the northbound tracks that cross Tilton Avenue and proceed south to
Monte Diablo, Santa Inez and Poplar avenues, in that order. After work on the
northbound tracks is complete, work will continue on the southbound tracks,
beginning with Poplar Avenue. During the project, trains may operate on a
single track at the Burlingame and San Mateo stations.

Feb. 8-12, utility poles
located north of Bellevue Avenue in San Mateo and south of Churchill Avenue in
Palo Alto will be replaced. On Feb. 7, crews replaced crossties on the tracks
between the Atherton and Palo Alto stations and repaired and welded switches on
the tracks near the San Jose Diridon station.

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