KPA Constructors Awarded $3.7M Contract to Install Communication on LA Metro Project

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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LOS ANGELES – Through the CDABP, KPA Constructors was awarded a multi-million dollar contract to install radio communication system.

Due to Los Angeles’ CDABP, or Contractor Development and Bonding Program, KPA Constructors had a hand in the LA Metro Regional Connector Project. The project, which cost $1.8 billion, opens on June 16th. The CDABP “assists small and diverse firms in overcoming barriers, building their capacities, and winning government contracts. . . [Its] services are offered at no cost to participants.”

The LA Sentinel reported that KPA Constructors was “awarded a $3.7 million contract” to install the radio communication system for the LA Metro Regional Connector Project. This installation will allow “Metro and first responders to communicate with the outside world from inside the underground stations and tunnels.”

The president of KPA Constructors, Karl Percell, stated that the CDABP “has played an integral role in the ongoing success of my company. It is a great program that helps small and diverse firms like mine.”

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