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LIRR Valley Stream switch & signal work progressing on schedule

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Major signal and switch modernization work being performed in Valley Stream by the MTA Long Island Rail Road progressed on schedule, and the LIRR had a normal morning rush hour on October 26. On Oct. 25, the LIRR posted a video update on Facebook and YouTube that illustrates the behind-the-scenes efforts undertaken by LIRR employees this weekend to modernize the LIRR.

The video can be viewed
at http://www.facebook.com/pages/MTA-LIRR/128608532314 
and on
http://www.youtube.com/LIRR2010. Completion of the project will mean greater
reliability and fewer service related delays for LIRR customers. About 400
trains each day pass through the area of the switch and signal upgrade.

Extra LIRR personnel were
on duty throughout the weekend to assist customers and to make sure the project
was completed on time.

The Valley Interlocking
Signal Cutover Project brings state-of-the-art technology to this critical LIRR
location by replacing the 1930’s-era relay-based signal technology with a
modern microprocessor-based system. The Model 14 Interlocking Machine that
relied upon electro-mechanical hand thrown switching at the Valley Tower will
now use modern microprocessor-computer based technology.

In addition, 29 switch
machines in the area were modernized with electronic components replacing the
outdated mechanical ones that had to rely on air compressors to operate. The
new more reliable system will increase operational flexibility for the large
volume of trains that pass through this area, helping to reduce customer
delays. The cost of the project is approximately $60 million. Funding is
provided by the MTA LIRR Capital Improvement Program and the Federal Transit

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