University of Wisconsin-Madison Offering 4 Railroad Engineering Courses This Spring

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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MADISON, Wis. – Four rail engineering courses will be offered online and/or in-person through University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison will offer four railroad engineering courses via it’s Interdisciplinary Professional Programs. These will take place either online or in-person, and some courses offer a choice between the two.

Below are the links for specific information for each course and information on how to register:

Fundamentals of Electric Rail Vehicle Systems Design Procurement, Operations, and Maintenance:

  • March 4th to March 5th

  • Online-Only

  • Covers the basic design criteria of the rail car. Course will discuss the design, sizing, manufacturing, and maintenance of the sub-systems of the rail car, including integration with other sub-systems on one complete train.

Fundamentals of Railway Bridge Engineering and Management:

  • March 27th to March 28th

  • Covers managing bridges and compliance with FRA 237 as well as bridge inspection requirements.

Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Safety:

  • May 6th to May 7th

  • Covers basic principles of highway-rail crossing safety and applying those principles to new and existing projects.

Fundamentals of Railroad Bridge Inspection:

  • May 13th to May 15th

  • Covers inspector’s responsibilities, compliance with FRA 214 and FRA 237, training requirements, and different types of inspections.

According to the ASLRRA newsletter, the Interdisciplinary Professional Programs also offers two courses that are available online, anytime:

  1. Emergency Railroad Bridge Inspections: “Act as a competent observer capable of providing data during an emergency situation, so that a remote railroad bridge expert will be able to quickly and confidently act upon that information.”
  2. Introduction to Traction Power and OCS Systems: Course covers an overview of light rail and commuter rail traction power systems.
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