Amtrak Details Great Lakes Stations Improvement Program in FY 2025 Grant Request

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In Amtrak’s General and Legislative Annual Report & Fiscal Year 2025 Grant Request, it details a Great Lakes Stations Improvement program.

The program would need $300 million for “the total cost of improvements to, relocation of, or potential establishment of stations in states bordering the Great Lakes.” For FY2025, Amtrak says it would need $25 million for pre-construction support of improvements to or relocation of stations in ten communities across Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. 

Amtrak goes on to say that the specific project types could go on to include the following:

  • Constructing new station buildings, including station relocations.
  • Reconstructing or adding platforms.
  • Trackwork in and around stations


FY2025 funding could support refurbishing a second platform “adequate for full-length trains, among other improvements.”


Funding could go toward supporting station projects in and around Cleveland, Toledo, Sandusky, and Bryan. In Cleveland, funding could go toward a new station with more tracks and a platform space. In Sandusky, funding could go toward dual platforms with grade-separated access. In Toledo, there would be a reactivation of concourse bridge with upgrades to the tracks and platform. And in Bryan, there could be work to the second platform.


FY2025 funding could support station projects in Waterloo, South Bend, and Hammond-Whiting. In Waterloo, work would be done for a second platform. Funding could go toward relocation of an existing station to the downtown area in South Bend. Finally, in Hammond-Whiting, crews would work on trackwork realignment and a second platform to enable long-distance trains to stop.

The General and Legislative Annual Report & Fiscal Year 2025 Grant Request can be read in its entirety below.

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