LACMTA Board approved Antelope Valley improvement plan

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A motion by Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority First Vice Chair, Supervisor Michael Antonovich, supporting the Antelope Valley Line Infrastructure Improvement Strategic Plan was unanimously approved by the LACMTA Board of Directors.

“This unanimous vote is a step forward in our effort to provide a convenient, fast and cost-effective transit alternative for our residents in the Antelope, Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys who commute to Bob Hope Airport, Downtown Los Angeles and South all the way to San Diego and from Ventura County to the Coachella Valley,” said Antonovich.

“Palmdale stands poised to become a major rail hub with California High-Speed rail moving south from Bakersfield, DesertXpress connecting Las Vegas to Victorville with a feeder line to Palmdale and the Metrolink system coming north from Southern California,” he added. “Upgrading the Antelope Valley Line between Downtown Los Angeles and Lancaster using $1 billion secured from the High-Speed Rail Authority for rail improvements is the top priority.”

Antonovich’s motion directed the LACMTA CEO to provide a plan to advance segments of the Antelope Valley Line Corridor to preliminary engineering and environmental work and to develop a comprehensive grade crossing and grade separation safety program for Metrolink-operated lines in Los Angeles County.

The motion said that LACMTA should explore how to provide seamless rail service between the Antelope Valley and Bakersfield, between the Antelope Valley and San Diego and between Ventura and Indio to overcome current political and infrastructure barriers that do not allow for this type of service to occur without restricted speeds, schedules or transfers.

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