MBTA; South Coast Rail Project Almost Finished

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of MBTA

BOSTON – The South Coast Rail Project is slated to be finished within weeks and includes six passenger stations.

The MBTA says The South Coast Rail project is almost finished, according to a report from Herald News. The project, slated to be finished within a few weeks, includes six passenger stations: Middleborough, East Taunton, Freetown, Fall River, Depot, Church Street and New Bedford. In addition, crews built two layover stations to house MBTA crews and equipment. These two layover stations are located in Fall River (Weaver’s Cove) and new Bedford (Wamsutta). In 2022, crews completed the Freetown and Fall River Depot stations. 

The East Taunton and New Bedford stations construction are going well, according to MBTA Deputy Press Secretary, Lisa Battiston. She went on to say that “work at East Taunton is expected to be substantially complete next month,” and “Church Street and New Bedford stations are on schedule for substantial completion by the end of this month.” 

However, the New Bedford pedestrian bridge is around 40% complete. There are east and west abutments in place. Next month, crews will install bridge support structures, and they are currently working on the elevator tower and stairway.

As of reporting, the MBTA is in “a months-long testing and commissioning phase, which will continue through the spring.” The MBTA said that it is “completing full-scale drills, and dress rehearsal train operations, starting now and throughout the year, with trains traveling up to full speed (79 mph).”

For freight trains, the Mass Coastal Railroad may move its freight operations to the evenings from February 5th to February 9th to allow for testing. Additionally, the MBTA says that maintenance crews will be completing vegetation management along the South Coast Rail lines during the week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and testing the signal systems along the entire rail line.

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