Caltrain shortlists three firms for Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Caltrain has shortlisted three firms for the construction of the Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project; six firms were originally prequalified to submit proposals.


Caltrain will go through a “best and final offer” process with the three firms before selecting the design-builder and awarding the contract. Following the negotiation process, a contract, originally planned for award in 2015, will be proposed for award in summer/fall of 2016. The electric vehicle contract award date will be determined after bids are received in December.

The Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project is part of the Caltrain Modernization Program, which will electrify the corridor between San Francisco and San Jose and purchase new electric rail vehicles, upgrade the railroad’s signal system and implement Positive Train Control.

By 2040, an electrified Caltrain system will reduce Caltrain emissions by up to 97 percent, dramatically increase current weekday ridership with additional service and the downtown San Francisco extension and take more than 600,000 daily vehicle miles off the region’s roadways.

Caltrain continues to work towards the goal of launching electrified service before the end of 2020.


Categories: C&S, OFF Track Maintenance, Rapid Transit/Light Rail