Houston METRORail construction nears halfway mark

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Construction progress for three new Houston METRO light-rail lines is more than 45 percent complete and expected to end in time for 2014 service dates.

Station construction is already underway for the first three rail stations on the East End (Green) Line, which will connect to the existing Main St. (Red) Line. Station progress was at eight percent on February 20, 2012 and includes work on EaDO/Stadium Station, Lockwood/Eastwood Station and the Coffee Plant/Second Ward Station.

“We’ve achieved a noteworthy landmark on this major undertaking for Houston’s future,” said David Couch, senior vice president, capital programs, METRO and director of the METRORail expansion project. “Light rail is transforming the city with economical, fast, safe and environmentally-friendly transit options. We are excited to see this progress.”

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