Minnesota Governor recommends $25 million for light rail in 2012

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Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton released his bonding proposal for the 2012 legislative session, building on his jobs plan to get Minnesotans back to work. The bonding proposal is focused on making the kind of long-term investments to create jobs. The bill would put up to 21,700 Minnesotans back to work and includes $25 million for the Southwest Corridor Light Rail.

 A statement by the Governor's office said, "Investing in strong, reliable infrastructure is a critical part of building an environment where businesses can thrive. Repairing our roads, bridges and rail lines for the future with smart investments can not only give Minnesota the assets to attract businesses, but can also put hundreds of Minnesotans back to work in the construction industries that are suffering from high unemployment." "This bill is our chance to put thousands of Minnesotans back to work by investing in important projects throughout our state. My bonding proposal makes reasonable, focused investments on projects that are ready for immediate action. I hope that the legislature will join me in growing Minnesota's economy now by passing a bonding bill in the first month of the session. Doing so will enable many of the projects and their jobs, to become realities this year," Governor Dayton said. 

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