MDOT Maryland Transit Administration Awarded $5M for Patapsco Pedestrian Bridge

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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BALTIMORE – To provide better access for Cherry Hill, Brooklyn, and Lansdowne residents to public transit, the MDOT MTA was awarded $5 million for the Patapsco Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge and trail.

The Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration was awarded $5 million to plan the Patapsco Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge and trail to connect Cherry Hill to the Patapsco Light Rail Stop. According to the Maryland DOT, the project was included in the FY24 Omnibus Spending Bill.

Residents would have to travel along Light Rail tracks in order to access the Patapsco Stop, and the bridge and trail were designed to eliminate that need. The project should increase access for the residents of Cherry Hill, Brooklyn, and Lansdowne to provide more convenience. The Maryland DOT reports the grant is “critical” in advancing the project, which has an estimated cost of over $15 million.

The Patapsco Light Rail Station is a hub that connects parts of Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Anne Arundel County to south of Annapolis. According to the release, “the agency is coordinating closely with the Baltimore City Department of Transportation’s complete streets plans for Patapsco Avenue and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council’s Patapsco Regional Greenway Phase Three segment, both of which would connect with the bridge.” In addition, the project will connect bicycling facilities to public transit.

Maryland Transportation Secretary Paul Wiedefeld said, “Building a new pedestrian bridge isn’t just about connecting two points. . . It’s about creating pathways to safer communities supporting the governor’s mission to connect and protect Maryland’s citizens.”

Maryland Transit Administrator Holly Arnold said, “This project means easier and safer access to transit for the residents of Cherry Hill, a community that has historically been overlooked for infrastructure investments. . . We’re grateful to our Federal delegation and their efforts to prioritize transit accessibility in the Baltimore region.”

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