Federal Transit Administration increases Hudson Tunnel Project rating to medium–high

Written by David C. Lester, Editor-in-Chief
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Federal Transit Administration announced that the Hudson Tunnel Project rating has increased to medium-high.

After the Biden Administration increased the Hudson Tunnel Project rating to medium-high, the Gateway Development Commissioners issued a statement.

“We thank the Biden Administration, Secretary Buttigieg and the Federal Transit Administration for taking this major action today in funding the Hudson Tunnel Project. Along with our Governors and our partners in Congress, they are clearly resolved to making the project a reality. From passing major infrastructure funding to issuing a Record of Decision to improving the project’s rating, this Administration and Congress have shown themselves to be true partners.

The Federal Transit Administration announced that the Hudson Tunnel Project rating has increased to Medium–High, moving the project closer to a full funding agreement and the start of construction.

The Gateway Development Commissioners

“Along with the more than $6 billion commitment from New York and New Jersey, and the $1.4 billion that Amtrak has pledged, today’s action moves us a big step closer to a true Federal-local partnership that finally brings 21st Century rail infrastructure to the heart of the nation’s economy.

“We’ll continue to work hard with our Federal partners to meet the requirements of the grant so we can get to a Full Funding Grant Agreement rapidly, and move to full construction that finally stops the delays that are costing our commuters and travelers thousands of hours in lost time and the nation billions in productivity.”

The Gateway Development Commissioners:

Steven M. Cohen, New York Commissioner & Co-Chair
Balpreet Grewal-Virk, New Jersey Commissioner & Co-Chair
Tony Coscia, Amtrak Commissioner & Vice Chair
Jamey Barbas, New York Commissioner
Janine Bauer, New Jersey Commissioner
Marie Therese Dominguez, New York Commissioner
Jerry Zaro, New Jersey Commissioner

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