Flooding from Tropical Storm Hilary Closes Two UP Routes

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of Clay Gilliland

LOS ANGELES – Union Pacific announces that two of its routes going in and out of the Los Angele area are closed because of flooding from tropical storm Hilary.

After tropical storm Hilary made landfall in California yesterday, Union Pacific crews are working to make repairs on its rail network. A video circulating UP’s social media shows severe flooding in Southern California. UP put out a statement along with the video that its crews are responding “to the weather-related impacts of Hurricane Hilary” and that it is also working to “keep our customers informed.”

KFGO reported two of UP’s routes into Los Angeles have been closed because of the washouts. According to a railroad operator, the reason lies in “public electrical outages . . . in some terminals along with road closures also impacting transport of crews.”

Union Pacific also stated that it is working to respond to “potential outages, including staging rail ballast and panels, personnel, and electric generators in areas along the storm path,” and that it would give updates for customers once it can gauge the rail network.

Farther south of Los Angeles, the LOSSAN rail corridor has seen its fair share of issues with flooding and landslides. Earlier this year, RT&S reported often on the San Clemente landslides and the sheer amount of work that goes into repairs and future plans to prevent similar issues. At the time of reporting, there has not been any information regarding flooding along the corridor from the tropical storm.

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