OmniTRAX 2014 Safety Awards winners

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

OmniTRAX, Inc., named the 2014 Safety People of the Year; each of the five winners was selected by division managers based on nominations from team members at the individual rail lines.


“Everything at OmniTRAX begins and ends with safety, so we spend a disproportionate amount of time and effort recognizing the people that help make our people and properties free from harm. This year’s honorees are exceptional in that they run the gamut from engineer to general manager, with each contributing to our overall safety culture every day,” said Kevin Shuba, chief executive officer of OmniTRAX.

This year’s winners include:

Northern Division – John Davis, engineer and safety lead, Chicago Rail Link (CRL). Davis was cited for spearheading the CRL Safety Team and leading and participating in monthly meetings on the CRL property and at the CRL’s partner carrier meetings at the CSX Bedford Park Intermodal facility.

Canadian Division – Anthony Foster, general manager at Kettle Falls International Railway (KFR). Foster has led KFR to more than 550 days injury free and more than 520 days since the last reportable derailment.

Western Division – Winston Deason, superintendent of operations, Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad (STE). Deason has never had an on-the-job injury, the STE has gone two years without an injury and facility received the coveted Jake Safety Award for the past two years.

Central Division – Randy Matson, general nanager of Nebraska, Kansas & Colorado Railway (NKCR). Matson developed a philosophy of operating the NKCR safely that includes daily direct communications with all associates and a derailment prevention committee. As a result, NKCR is 932 days injury free, 574 days since a reportable derailment and 302 days since the last human failure incident.

Southern Division – William Johnson Jr., operations manager at the Georgia Woodlands Railroad. Johnson sets the safety standard for the company by mentoring associates and maintaining an injury-free workplace for almost 20 years.

“We are very proud of this year’s group of winners. Their passion for safety is an inspiration for OmniTRAX as a company and for the entire rail industry,” said Robert Ellman, senior vice president operations at OmniTRAX.


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