Metrolinx Humber College Station Reaches Structural Completion

Written by Kyra Senese, Managing Editor
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Humber College Station is the western terminus of the line, and the second of two underground stations. Light rail vehicles will enter the station through an extended portal that runs down the west side of Highway 27.

Metrolinx has announced the structural completion of its Finch West LRT’s Humber College Station. To reach this milestone, the agency said crews excavated to depths of up to roughly 39 feet, poured 706,293 cubic feet of concrete, installed 1.4 million pounds of steel and completed masonry work to create the framework for the Finch West LRT’s western terminus.

“Whether you’re heading to class at Humber College, shopping in one of the vibrant local communities, or making other transit connections to travel across the region, the Finch West LRT will be the way to go,” Metrolinx said. “With 18 stops across [6.8 miles], there will be no better way to get moving across northwest Toronto.”

Crews are now positioned throughout the station box and the north and south entrance buildings, working on mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installation tasks, Metrolinx said. 

Tarps have been installed at the north entrance to insulate the unfinished building, and crews are busy installing wall tiling in the washrooms and public areas at the south entrance. The building’s facade is also coming along, with aluminum cladding and a glass curtain wall ready for installation, Metrolinx said. 

The foundation for the 650-foot canopy, which will connect the station to the Humber College campus, is now being poured outside the station’s structures.