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PCM Railone Invests $20MM to Open Facility Near Brightline West

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Finished concrete ties.
Courtesy of PCM Railone AG

LAS VEGAS – PCM Railone AG will open a $20 million production facility in Las Vegas as part of Brightline West’s high-speed rail project.

PCM Railone AG has production facilities in 12 countries where it builds track and concrete ties. According to a report in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the company specializes in rail projects that go at least 186 mph. CEO of North America operations for PCM Railone AG, Saurav Mittal said, “The company chose North Las Vegas for the facility so it can easily ship its concrete ties, which weigh about 600 pounds each, to Brightline West. . . Logistically transporting 600 pounds of concrete blocks . . . from one corner to another of the U.S. makes no sense. . . We are setting up in North Las Vegas since we will be right where the construction of (Brightline West) is going to start.”

The company will invest $20 million and hire 60 employees. Construction on the facility is expected to start in October this year, and shipment of concrete ties is expected to occur by December 2025. By locating the facility in North Las Vegas, the company believes it to be in an area that has potential for other projects. CEO Mittal said the company wants to be “in this region for as long as possible.” Additionally, it was reported that the company did not pursue tax abatements and economic incentives in order to establish a facility in North Las Vegas.

The excitement was shared by North Las Vegas Mayor Pamela Goynes-Brown who commented, “Once again, North Las Vegas has demonstrated it is open for business and that our city is the ideal location for major companies looking to base their operations in Southern Nevada. . . After working with Railone for the past two years, it is wonderful to welcome this company to North Las Vegas. We appreciate the skilled and good-paying jobs Railone will create in our city.” 

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