California High-Speed Rail Authority CEO Report

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The CEO Report for California High-Speed Rail Authority was released last week and details two grant applications.

The California High-Speed Rail released a CEO Report detailing federal grants submitted, completed structures, and other related information. Two applications were submitted throughout the month of August.

One was a grant request for $2 million on August 1st for the Central Valley 119-Mile Wildlife Crossing Monitoring Plan. This plan includes the research and review of the San Joaquin kit fox migration corridors and of wildlife/vehicle collisions as well as “over 300 wildlife crossings in this corridor [and an] analysis of alternative design specifications.”

The second application was for a grant request for $231.7 million for the Merced Integrated Multimodal Station Project. The total project cost is $386.2 million and includes electric vehicle charging and transit facilities (ACE, Amtrak, etc.), parking, station access, canopies, concourses, platforms, elevators/escalators, and functional/operational spaces.

Additionally, it detailed seven structures that were completed throughout this year. Among these are Merced Avenue structure and Elkhorn Avenue, which were covered at RT&S earlier this summer. 

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