MTA opens second entrance at 34 St-Hudson Yards 7 Station

Written by Kyra Senese, managing editor
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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) opened a second entrance to its 34 St-Hudson Yards subway station Sept. 1.

The entrance is located at the western terminus of the 7 Subway line, which was extended in 2015 and now serves thousands of passengers daily. Located at West 35th Street and Hudson Boulevard East, the entrance adds three low-rise escalators as well as a set of stairs from the street to the mezzanine level.

Four new high-rise escalators were installed and will transport riders from the facility’s upper mezzanine to the lower mezzanine. From there, customers will travel to the platform level of the station.

“The extension of the 7 Subway train to Hudson Yards has helped to create a whole new neighborhood with as much office space as Downtown Phoenix or Miami and thousands of new jobs. And we brought this entire project in within the budget set more than 10 years ago,” said Janno Lieber, chief development officer for the MTA. “The MTA is changing how we do things to deliver projects faster, better and less expensively.”

The extension of the 7 Subway Line from Times Square to the new 34 St-11 Av station, and beyond to the 11th Avenue and 25th Street for “tail tracks” and train storage, was funded by the City of New York. The city funding, under the supervision of the Hudson Yards Development Corporation, included $2.1 billion for the subway, as well as $301 million for other non-subway related infrastructure work.

The agency contributed $53 million for the initial planning and preliminary engineering design of the extension, to help spur the development and transformation of a proposed rezoned far West Side.

The 34 St-Hudson Yards 7 Subway station features three public floors and has been made properly accessible, MTA said. Between the two entrances the station features 16 escalators and four elevators. Eight sets of stairs and one elevator provide access from the lower mezzanine to the platform level.

The new amenities include a platform level that is air-tempered, and 14 Help Point Intercoms that are intended to help customers communicate with the station agent or the Rail Control Center in the case of an emergency. The Help Points, along with eight On-the-Go digital information kiosks, five other digital information panels, and cell phone/Wi-Fi connectivity, will also offer a new communication service for customers.

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