Duos Technologies Group, Inc. Enters 3 Year Agreement to Implement AI-Based Defect Detection Models

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of Duos Technologies Group, Inc

JACKSONVILLE, Fl. – Duos Technologies Group Inc enters into a multi-year agreement with a Class I railroad to implement advanced AI-Based Defect Detection models.

Duos Technologies Group, Inc. has announced its collaboration with a Class I railroad for a three year agreement to implement advanced AI-Based Defect Detection models and preventative site maintenance programs. According to the press release, the agreement “formalizes a long-term partnership between the rail carrier and Duos to proactively co-operate in critical AI solutions to streamline detection of mechanical railcar defects as its equipment traverses North America.”

The company is a provider of Machine Vision and AI to help “analyze fast moving freight, passenger, and transit trains and trucks.” The report goes on to state that the collaboration will enhance railway safety and help to expedite waivers from the FTA’s regulatory requirements. For more than 13 years, Duos has been “implementing inspection and Ai technologies at Class I railroads,” and this “agreement represents the first of a number of anticipated successes in building the Company’s recurring revenue stream.”

Duos CEO, Chuck Ferry, stated: “The Company is focused on developing and implementing its best-in-class AI models and making them available to rail companies to help further streamline their operations. . . We have invested heavily in the development of our AI models by means of ‘real-world’ situations. By using our in-house railroad mechanical inspection team combined with the most experienced commercial AI Engineering and Software Development talent, we develop models tailored for the industry. We believe this is a better approach than outsourcing to generic AI developers or universities using standard platforms which tends to produce theoretical results that generally do not perform at the high level we are delivering through our in-house teams.”

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