Call it SpaceEx Underground; officials approve Musk’s idea of tunnel transit system in Calif.

Written by RT&S Staff
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Days after Elon Musk reached the stars, he found out he will be able to shine below the surface as well. On June 3, the San Bernardino County (Calif.) Transportation Authority’s Board of Directors decided to suspend a $3 million study of light-rail connectors from Rancho Cucamonga to Ontario International Airport in favor of a proposal to build a 2.8-mile underground Ontario Airport Loop. Musk’s Boring Company will handle the project. The news comes after SpaceX, also a Musk company, became the first private venture to send astronauts into space.

The loop project will have a tunnel system that is 35 ft under the surface and will be 14 ft wide. It will move passengers extremely fast (up to 127 mph) in electrical “busses”. What made the deal attractive to San Bernardino officials was because the Boring Company claims it can do the work cheaper ($45-60 million compared to $1-1.5 billion for a more traditional method) and faster (three to four years instead of a decade).

The board still needs to decide where there will be Loop stations and that the tunnel will be able to meet the seismic standards of southern California.

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