MBTA executes final work closure of Green Line

Written by RT&S Staff
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This weekend, the MBTA’s Green Line Transformation (GLT) team, part of Capital Transformation, began the third and final full-access closure on the Green Line D Branch.

This year, there have been five total closures along the Green Line: a 12-day full-access closure on the B and C Branches, a 16-day full-access closure on the E Branch, and two nine-day closures on the D Branch. With the completion of this third and final closure, construction will conclude on the Green Line for 2022. Due to the diligent work of Capital Transformation, this final closure will be completed on Friday, Oct. 28–two days ahead of what was initially scheduled with service resuming on Saturday, Oct. 29. These surges gave crews access to install wayside components of the Green Line Train Protection System (GLTPS) and upgrade track.

During this final surge starting on Saturday, Oct. 22, through Friday, Oct. 28, crews will fully reconstruct 2,000 ft of track near Eliot station, two pedestrian track crossings, and continue to install components of GLTPS wayside equipment. GLTPS combines vehicle and wayside equipment to enhance safety by adding red-light signal protection, avoiding train-on-train collisions, incorporating speed enforcement, and improving the safety for workers in the right-of-way. Once the final closure is completed, construction will conclude on the Green Line and bring the total full-depth track replacement to over 14,000 ft across the B, C, D, and E Branches. Additionally, 15 crossings and six units of special trackwork were replaced across all four branches. The work completed during these surges advances the reliability and safety of the system for all Green Line riders while offering a smoother, more dependable service.

The GLT team collaborated with several other departments and partners to amplify the results of these surges and deliver improvements to all riders across the Green Line. Improvements include station amenity upgrades, vegetation removal along the right-of-way, signal repairs, bridge and tunnel inspections, tree planting, fence repairs, and additional track upgrades.

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