Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BMWED National Division President Simpson re-elected

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BMWED National Division President Simpson re-elected | Railway Track & Structures

BMWED National Division President Freddie N. Simpson, who also serves as a Teamster International Vice President, was re-elected by acclamation during the union's Quadrennial Convention.

During her nominating speech, Staci Moody-Gilbert said, "Great leaders are able to visualize and prepare. Freddie has been steadfast in preparing us for the future and was instrumental in developing the 10-year plan. He has seen the numbers and realizes that something must be done. He knows that a good majority of our union members, Local and National Division Officers and staff will be retiring over the next few years and he is dedicated to filling the shoes of those who have served our union so faithfully and honorably".

The floor was opened for nominations this morning during the second day of meetings. BMWED Secretary-Treasurer Perry K. Geller Sr. and all of the BMWED National Division Officers were also re-elected by acclamation.

The Regional Vice Presidents; J. R. "Randy" Cook (SE Region), David D. Joynt (NW Region), Roger D. Sanchez (SW Region), David D. Tanner (Western Region) and Henry W. Wise (NE Region), will remain in their positions for another term. The delegates also retained their current Executive Board Members.

President Simpson thanked the convention delegates for their hard work during the first two days of meetings and congratulated each of the elected officers.

The BMWED is an autonomous division within the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

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