Norfolk Southern Receives $8.4M to Double Length of Passing Track

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
Norfolk Southern
Norfolk Southern

ATLANTA – For a Norfolk Southern line between Macon and Atlanta, the Class I receives a $8.4 million grant from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Norfolk Southern has received $8.4 million from the Georgia Department of Transportation, according to a report from WSB-TV 2 Atlanta. The funds will go toward a $21 million project that will double the length of a passing track in Henry County. The line between Macon and Atlanta is “a key freight rail corridor that connects the Georgia Port Authority Garden City Terminal and the metro Atlanta area.” By doubling the length of the passing track, it will allow for a reduction in blocked road crossings by trains. 

State Commissioner of Transportation Russell McMurry said, “Georgia’s freight rail network is a key economic driver and a vital component of our overall transportation network. . . This project will provide many benefits to Henry County and the state.” 

Norfolk Southern’s senior vice president and chief strategy officer Mike McClellan said, “It’s a triple win: enhancing service for our local customers, improving mainline train access across our 22-state network, and easing congestion along the way. These infrastructure improvements will bolster our operational efficiency while driving economic growth across the region, promising enduring benefits for our communities.”

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