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Thursday, September 17, 2009


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Atlanta-based e-VERIFILE.COM Inc, is has launched e-RAILSAFE Canada--- the latest in the company's line of e-RAILSAFE branded services. The new service is based on the successful e-RAILSAFE Class 1 service, which was instituted in 2005 by the seven major railroads operating in the United States.

e-RAILSAFE Canada (ERS-Canada) was designed exclusively for the Canadian railroad industry and enables managers to easily facilitate compliance awareness, and workplace credentialing for their Canadian-based employees and contractors. A feature that distinguishes the system from its U.S. counterpart is the ability to conduct Canadian criminal background checks as well as those from the United States. Now railroad personnel who are either U.S. or Canadian citizens can be easily screened via the system.

 "The original e-RAILSAFE program has been so successful in the U.S. that it made perfect sense to expand this internationally," says Devon Wijesinghe, e-VERIFILE's Chief Strategy Officer. "With the largest Canadian railroads already being part of the e-RAILSAFE system in the United States, they asked us to come to their ‘hometown'," Wijesinghe added.

To use ERS-Canada, railroad operators and related enterprises simply subscribe to the service and log in to create their own Workplace Compliance Programs. Once an account has been established, these organizations then require their personnel and/or contractors to become subscribers and then login to comply with the programs. Successful compliance with the programs determines eligibility to access select railroad facilities and jobsites in Canada or to receive associated credentials.

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