Friday, March 19, 2010

Mississippi railroad crossings seeing improvement

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Mississippi railroad crossings seeing improvement | Railway Track & Structures

Employees with a sub-contractor for Norfolk Southern are making railroad track crossing improvements in Sandersville, Miss., the Laurel Leader Call reports. 
Workers with Tubbys Construction Company of Lancing, Tenn., worked at the two railroad crossings in Sandersville March 18 in an effort to make travel over those crossings smoother.

Lee Walker, foreman for the crew working at the site, said Tubbys Construction is a sub-contractor for Norfolk Southern.
 Walker said the crew is "replacing the crossties under the track here."

According to Walker, the work on this portion of the track - from Sandersville to Heidelberg - has been estimated to take about two weeks.

"We are doing all the crossings here in Sandersville and we will go up the track to crossings in Heidelberg," Walker explained. "We have been working here this week, and expect to complete this job by the end of next week."

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