Del Cueto addresses KCS

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On February 15, KCS de Mexico director ejecutivo de operaciones Oscar Del Cueto and gerente de desarrollo de negocios internacionales Marco Cervantes attended BNamericas Mexico Infrastructure Summit in Mexico City.

Del Cueto joined SCT director of transporte ferroviario Arturo Rivera in a panel discussion about railway infrastructure projects in Mexico. As part of this discussion, Del Cueto shared KCS de Mexico’s infrastructure investment plans for 2012. He said, “Investments in infrastructure have been a key part of KCS’ ongoing commitment to the development of the International Intermodal Corridor between the U.S. and Mexico.”

Del Cueto provided examples of some of KCS de Mexico’s planned investments, such as track infrastructure, siding extensions and the creation of a sanitary inspection point in Sánchez Yard for the inspection of refrigerated products coming across the border. This inspection point will make the exportation and importation of meat and vegetables a possibility in the near future.

Rivera pointed out that in 15 years rail transportation has gone from representing 15 to 26 percent of the total freight movements in Mexico. This illustrates the commitment of authorities and the railroad industry to boost railroads as a valuable mode of freight transportation.

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