NS’ sustainability efforts are paying off

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Norfolk Southern released its latest "Connections" sustainability report, which outlines its ongoing efforts to contribute to a cleaner environment, a healthier economy and stronger communities.


“From our earliest beginnings, our commitment always has been to deliver customers’ freight safely, efficiently and economically and, in doing so, to provide fair returns to our shareholders and a desirable workplace for employees,” said Chief Executive Officer Wick Moorman. “Today we understand that everything we do must respect the planet. We understand that environmental sustainability is smart business.”

The company’s seventh annual sustainability report discloses Norfolk Southern’s environmental, economic and social impacts to help stakeholders assess the railroad’s performance in corporate responsibility. Key environmental performance areas covered include locomotive fuel efficiency and emissions, energy use, land and land conservation, waste management and water conservation.

Achievements in 2013 include reaching nearly 79 percent of a five-year goal launched in 2010 to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent per revenue ton-mile of freight; helping locate 67 new industries and expand 25 existing businesses, representing customer investment of $2.3 billion, 3,100 new customer jobs and more than 136,000 new carloads of rail business and reduced serious workplace injuries by more than five percent.


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