Eleven Saskatchewan shortlines receive CA$700,000 in grants

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The Saskatchewan Government dished out CA$700,000 (US$699,140) in grants for 11 shortline railways through the Shortline Railway Sustainability Program.

“Our government recognizes shortlines are an effective transportation alternative for grain producers and other shippers to get products to market,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister and Minister responsible for the Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation Jim Reiter said. “In addition to supporting economic development in rural Saskatchewan, shortline railways help reduce heavy truck traffic and road wear on our highways.”

This 50-50 cost-shared infrastructure grant program, funded provincially by the Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation and matched by eligible recipients, is designed to improve provincially-regulated shortline railways and can be used for projects such as track maintenance, railway tie replacements and bridge repairs.

“Funding for this grant program is consistent with last year, which increased 40 percent from the previous year,” Reiter said.

This year’s eligible shortlines and their respective provincial grant amounts are:

• Southern Rails Co-operative based out of Avonlea, CA$35,000 (US$34,900);

• Carlton Trail Railway based out of Prince Albert, CA$76,382 (US$76,288);

• Red Coat Road and Rail based out of Viceroy, CA$47,739 (US$47,680);

• Great Western Railway based out of Shaunavon, CA$205,901 (US$205,648);

• Thunder Rail based out of Arborfield, $35,000 (US$34,900);

• Wheatland Rail based out of Cudworth, $35,000 (US$34,900);

• Fife Lake Railway based out of Coronach, $40,267 (US$40.217);

• Torch River Rail based out of Choiceland, $35,000 (US$34,900);

• Great Sandhills Railway based out of Leader, $78,458 (US$78,361);

• Last Mountain Railway based out of Regina, $56,457 (US$56,387); and

• Stewart Southern Railway based out of Fillmore, $54,796 (US$54,728).

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