Massachusetts awards grants for freight projects

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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Massachusetts awarded seven grants totaling $2.5 million for industrial rail projects as part of the 2014 Industrial Rail Access Program (IRAP), which is being matched by more than $1.9 million in private sector funds for a total $4.5 million investment.


The IRAP, created as part of the 2012 Transportation Bond Bill, provides grants to railroads, rail shippers and municipalities providing public benefits through improved use of the rail transportation network or enhancing economic growth through rail access.

“When we invest in rail to better move people and goods, the bottom line is that we are creating jobs and improving opportunity for people across the commonwealth,” said Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Rail & Transit Director and Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority General Manager Dr. Beverly Scott. “These grants also boost a freight rail industry that has a positive impact on our environment.”

The seven 2014 IRAP recipients represent a variety of projects meeting the program objective of improving the rail network while boosting economic growth.

Recipients of the grants include:
• Pioneer Valley Railroad- $310,032: Westfield- Easthampton Mainline Yard Capacity Project
• Omnova Solutions- $500,000: Fitchburg- 123 Industrial Park Rail Siding Phase II rehabilitation on Pan Am Southern
• PCA Systems/Holland Chemical – $351,300: Adams- rail siding, unloading system and storage shelter with road crossing on Pan Am Southern
• North East Refrigerated Terminals- $474,618: Taunton- Mass Coastal railroad siding rehabilitation & rail to trailer cross docking facility
• Horizon Milling- $240,000: Ayer- upgrade existing “loop” track serving Nemco Way Industrial Park- Cargill/Horizon Milling & Catania Spagna in Ayer off Pan Am Freight mainline
• Lenox Valley Waste Transfer Facility- $189,000: Lenox- rail siding extension and railcar loading/staging transfer station improvements on Housatonic railroad
• New England Central Railroad- $499,800: Palmer- Industrial Park Freight Capacity Expansion Project


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