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AAR launches Freight Rail Works ad campaign

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Showing how freight rail works to protect jobs, ease gridlock and make breathing easier are themes played out in the Association of American Railroads' latest Freight Rail Works advertising campaign. The "Messages" campaign consists of TV, radio, print and online components and mixes bold graphics with tongue-in-cheek wordplay to demonstrate the freight rail industry's positive economic and environmental contributions.

"Simple words are
made strong and powerful, and that’s what grounds this year’s strategy for
breaking through an already crowded field of advocacy advertising," said
Patti Reilly, AAR Vice President – Communications. "Our fuel efficiency
record produces ‘Clean Air’ and our ability to take trucks off the roads
‘Unclog’ congested highways – just a few examples of our integrated campaign."

"Messages" is
the fourth year of the AAR’s Freight Rail Works campaign and is targeted to
Washington, D.C., opinion leaders and decision makers. Ogilvy PR Worldwide, a
global integrated communications firm, created the campaign and partnered with
EyeCandy Productions to produce the television spots.

"A healthy freight
rail system is vital to American jobs and the nation’s recovery," added
Reilly, "and this campaign goes a long way in raising awareness of they
many public benefits delivered by America’s freight railroads."

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