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Canadian pacific signs on for E-RAILSAFE Canada

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e-VERIFILE.COM Inc. said Canadian Pacific has joined e-RAILSAFE Canada--the latest in the company's line of e-RAILSAFE workplace safety/security management services. As part of its use of e-RAILSAFE Canada, CP will now require its contractors/vendors and their employees that require access to CP's Canadian-based properties, to participate in Compliance Programs that CP creates and administers via the ERS- Canada system.

The Compliance Program
includes: personnel screening, safety & security awareness and issuance of
workplace ID badges, Contractors and related personnel that are required to
participate, subscribe to ERS-Canada, enroll in the appropriate program and complete
the required tasks to determine their eligibility to access CP Canadian
worksites and facilities. 

CP has a history with
the e-RAILSAFE program. In 2007 the company became the sixth Class 1 railroad
to join the U.S. e-RAILSAFE service for its operations in the United States.
Earlier this year, CP’s Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern joined e-RAILSAFE
ShortLine for its short line railroad operations.

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