Durabook Computing Solutions to Supply Metra With Rugged Computers

Written by Kyra Senese, Managing Editor

Durabook, a provider of computing solutions, will supply Chicago's Metra system with its rugged S15AB laptop computers.

“Metra runs nearly 24/7 and asks a lot of all its equipment, from trains to laptops used in the field where Chicago weather can be extreme. We are using the Durabook S15AB, the thinnest and lightest 15.6” model in its class, that also offers the latest technology,” said Aaron Schulz, Metra Sr. Car Inspector. “Going forward Metra plans to provide some of our users with the Durabook S14I rugged laptop, and to introduce some executives and managers to the Durabook U11 rugged tablet.”

The Durabook S14I rugged laptop is designed with military-grade durability, field-worker functionality, computing performance, and long battery life in mind, the company said. The machine is equipped with the most recent 11th Generation Intel® Processors and a class-leading 4-foot drop standard.

“The Durabook S15AB has endured being rattled, bumped, dropped, and exposed to drastic temperature extremes—both brutal cold and stifling heat and humidity. We continually update the S15AB so that it offers technically forward capabilities in addition to its rugged reliability,” said Sasha Wang, President, Durabook Americas. “This includes port configurability, sunlight-readable display, high-definition digital video and audio output, and full mobility and seamless connectivity.

The Durabook U11 tablet includes productivity features such as a detachable keyboard and space for further expansion. The fanless tablet also provides an added level of security and reliability for the mobile workforce, the company said. 

The Metra commuter rail system serves 242 stations along 11 rail lines, spanning from Chicago’s Ogilvie Transportation Center to the surrounding suburbs.