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L.A. Gold Line light rail begins pre-revenue service October

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Beginning October 4, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority will reach another milestone as it begins the pre-revenue testing phase before the opening of the six-mile extension of the Metro Gold Line to East Los Angeles, which is expected this fall.

The pre-revenue light
rail train testing is designed to simulate revenue service operations on the
new segment, synchronizing it with the service already provided between Union
Station and Sierra Madre Villa Station in East Pasadena.
 The purpose of
pre-revenue testing, which could last more than a month, is to familiarize
Metro train operators and train control staff with simulated service.

Since there will be many
more test trains on the new alignment, stretching from Union Station through
Little Tokyo and the downtown Arts District, Boyle Heights and East Los
Angeles, Metro officials are urging the public to be alert and obey all safety
warning devices and signage.

When trains from Pasadena
arrive at Union Station, all passengers will disembark, then the trains will
continue to Atlantic Station in East Los Angeles in a test mode. In turn,
northbound trains coming from Atlantic Station will begin picking up passengers
in Union Station and then continue to Sierra Madre Villa Station.

The eight new stations of
the Metro Gold Line to East Los Angeles include Little Tokyo/Arts District,
Pico/Aliso, Mariachi Plaza (underground), Soto (underground), Indiana,
Maravilla, ELA Civic Center and Atlantic.

Metro began construction of
the Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension in July 2004. The light rail
construction project is within budget, on time and the contractor has logged
more than four million working hours without a day lost for any accident or

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