Metrolinx Shares Progress on Finch West LRT

Written by Kyra Senese, Managing Editor
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A look at the structure for Finch West Station, one of the terminus stations for the project. (Metrolinx photo)

Metrolinx has made progress on its guideway, the two terminus stations, and the maintenance and storage facility as the spring season gets underway.

Structural work at the line’s two underground stations, Finch West and Humber College, was completed in late 2022, kicking off the interior fit-out. Inside the Finch West Station, Metrolinx said tiling, HVAC installation, and drywalling work have all been completed.

Outside, the team is nearing completion of the portal that will direct light rail vehicles into and out of the station.

Meanwhile, at Humber College Station, tarps have been used to keep the winter cold out so that drywalling, fireproofing, and painting can take place, Metrolinx said. The installation of 153 glass panes that will line the interior and exterior facades began in early March.

Outside of Humber College Station, foundation work has begun for a 656-foot-long covered walkway that will connect the station to Humber College.

On the light rail vehicle front, progress is also being made. Metrolinx said 15 of the 18 LRVs have now been delivered, with the remaining three scheduled for mid-year delivery. Vehicle testing has been ongoing in the MSF yard and on the test track between York Gate Boulevard and Sentinel Road.

The most visible change for those traveling through Finch West is the progress made on the 6.8-mile guideway.

As of the end of March, Metrolinx provided the following stats:

  • Guideway base slab: 92% poured
  • Guideway track slab: 74% poured
  • Duct banks: 87% installed
  • Overhead catenary poles: 75% installed
  • Rail installation: 50% installed (not including MSF)
  • Stop Canopies: 56 of 116 installed
  • Manhole refurbishment: 100% complete (41 total)

Additionally, the agency said the project’s guideway works will significantly improve the Finch West community. With the completion of manhole refurbishment, brand new fiber-optic cabling was installed, which utility providers along the Finch West corridor can use.