Miner provides ballast systems to Brazil mining corporation

Written by jrood

Miner Enterprises, Inc., has been chosen by Vale, the Brazilian multinational mining corporation to supply 70 AggreGate® ballast systems. The state-of-the-art air-powered dual cylinder AggreGate® system was specified for the order, demonstrating Miner’s international reach and reputation for high-quality freight car components around the world.

“The rail industry has truly become global,” said Bill O’Donnell,
Miner’s director of international sales. “Our customers could be in
Nebraska or Brazil and their needs are exactly the same: they are
looking for total engineering—top to bottom—solutions and products that
meet their needs. Since this will be the first car that Amsted Maxion,
the Brazilian railcar manufacturer, builds with our AggreGate®
unloading system we will be sending a technical team on behalf of Miner
to Brazil to ensure that these cars meet all of Vale’s expectations.”

The air-powered AggreGate® ballast discharge system on each of Vale’s
70 new cars have the capability, through dual-cylinder technology, to
independently unload on the inside and outside of the rail using a
cutting-edge remote control system. The large door openings allow for
faster discharge and the guillotine gate doors open and close
immediately at bridges and crossings —shearing through solid rock with
the touch of a button. Additionally, the remote control will allow the
operator to safely select individual cars and specific gates from a
distance for accurate and highly efficient ballasting.