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New York City Transit 7 Line weekend work completed ahead of schedule

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Fulfilling a commitment to the Long Island City community to end back-riding and shuttle bus service in as short a period as possible, MTA New York City Transit completed a series of weekend rehabilitation projects, including major track replacement work on the Davis Street Curve of the 7 Line. These jobs were completed three weekends ahead of the projected schedule.

The early completion of
this vital track replacement project restores weekend 7 train service between
Queensboro Plaza and Manhattan, ending a major inconvenience for tens of
thousands of weekend riders.

"We were able to
accomplish a lot of extremely important work in a shorter time period than we
had planned and we are grateful for the patience of 7 Line riders for whom this
service is a lifeline on the weekend," said NYC Transit President Thomas
F. Prendergast. "After meeting with the community, we took another hard
look at what we could do to restore service as quickly as possible."

During that time, the
tracks were replaced on the curve leaving Vernon-Jackson, and a new track
switch was installed at Hunter’s Point station, replacing a switch that had
been in service for several decades. New continuously welded rail was
installed, tunnel wall grouting, track and drain cleaning were performed in the
Steinway Tube and the housing for a new elevator was installed at Court House
Square. Several other smaller projects were also bundled in, including
electrical, communications and cable work.

For a total of five
weekends from the weekend of January 29-February 1, through the weekend of
March 6-8, there was no 7 train service between 42nd Street/Grand Central in
Manhattan and Long Island City, Queens. (7 service operated normally the
weekend of February 27-March 1.) Customers who normally entered the system at
Vernon Blvd.-Jackson Avenue, Hunter’s Point Avenue or 45th Road-Court House
Square were forced to board shuttle buses to Queensboro Plaza where they could
pick up Q service to Times Square.

There is no planned major
work upcoming for 7 Line until next fall, when a track project will be begin at
111th Street.

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