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NM Rail Runner to open Wi-Fi to public testing on train

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Beginning April 5, passengers aboard the New Mexico Rail Runner Express will get a chance to try out the train's new Wi-Fi system. For the last several months, only a group of 50-volunteer participants have been given access to test the system. Now, the final test phase is being opened to all passengers for the next 90-days to work out any remaining bugs in the system.

"The Rail Runner has
provided convenience and ease for commuters over the last three years and with
this new wireless system, we are now providing an additional benefit to
passengers," said Transportation Secretary Gary L.J. Girón. "I would like to
encourage those getting on the train to test out the new system over the next
90 days to help us provide the best service possible."

"We’re in the home stretch",
says Dewey Cave, Interim Executive Director for the Mid-Region Council of
Governments. "We want to make sure our passengers understand that we are still
in a test mode. This period will give riders ample opportunity to check out
what kind of capabilities the Rail Runner offers in terms of a free Wi-Fi
service. It also gives our train staff a chance to see how the system performs
with a greater number of people using it."

Wi-Fi service for Rail
Runner passengers is free and will be available both on the trains and at each
station. Users must have a Wi-Fi enabled device of their own to take part in
the final test phase. Once logged on, participants should be able to send
emails, surf the Internet and move from station to train, and train car to
train car without losing connectivity.

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