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Officials dedicate Kansas $105 million grade separation project

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Local leaders, as well as representatives of BNSF and UP dedicated the Central Railroad Corridor grade separation project, touted as one of the biggest engineering and time-saving projects in Wichita, Kan., history. The dedication took place on the elevated platform adjacent to the railroad tracks southwest of Union Station. The $105 million central rail corridor project began in April 2005 and was designed to elevate train traffic above street traffic to reduce accidents. Elements include eight miles of new track, a centralized traffic control system, six new bridges at 1st, 2nd, Central, Murdock, 13th Street and Chisholm Creek Bridge, as well as a widened Douglas Avenue Bridge. The project frees up routes for emergency vehicles and will save drivers an estimated 2 million hours a year of waiting at the tracks at the Central, Murdock and 13th Street crossings.

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