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RailComm Yard Automation System to be expanded at Transnet’s Ermelo Yard

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RailComm has been chosen to provide a major expansion of its Yard Automation System at Transnet's Ermelo Yard in South Africa. The automation system will be comprised of the existing DOC® (Domain Operations Controller) server-based central control system and 10 new associated outdoor-rated control panels. Per Transnet requirements, the system operator is in charge of selecting the appropriate control mode based on desired operating conditions.

Additionally, the system at
Ermelo will utilize RailComm RADiANTTM data radios to communicate between the
office system, the control panels, and a network of power switches. The power
switches are controlled by the RailComm Universal Switch Controller, providing
customers the ability to utilize any power switch machine on the market. The
RailComm Yard Automation System increases yard safety and substantially
improves yard dwell times and switching productivity.

The DOC® software-based
control system is a command, control, communications and information (C3i)
server-based platform that supports a wide variety of integrated solutions for
indication, control, access and distribution of critical operational data across
the corporate enterprise.

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