RailPros, Inc., opens San Diego office

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RailPros, Inc., recently opened a Downtown San Diego office to better serve San Diego area clients. The office is headed by Mike Ruth, P.E., and Joe Aroyo, P.E., who are managing projects for SANDAG, CCDC, NCTD and other major San Diego clients.

Current projects include:

Downtown San Diego Quiet
Zone, CCDC. RailPros designed significant improvements at 12 multi-track
at-grade crossings grade crossing improvements in order to implement a quiet
zone in downtown San Diego. The $20 million project includes new exit gates,
median extensions, pedestrian gates, pre-signals, queue-cutter signals, and
other safety measures. RailPros is also providing construction management, bid
support, budget development and quiet zone implementation services. The project
involves several railroad operators (Trolley, Coaster, Amtrak, and BNSF) and
coordination with multiple agencies (CPUC, City, and CCDC and multiple adjacent
property owners.)

LOSSAN Corridor Program
Management Support, SANDAG. RailPros is providing program management in the
implementation of $400 million of improvements developed as part of the LOSSAN
Rail Corridor Program. This program coordinates and implements a collection of
capital projects that include the construction of second main track and new
bridges at multiple locations along the Coaster main line throughout San Diego
County. The project involves extensive coordination between SANDAG and various
project stakeholders such as the Federal Government, the State of California,
NCTD, MTS, Amtrak, Metrolink, BNSF, Camp Pendleton and various cities along the
rail corridor.

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