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Toronto-York Spadina subway extension underway

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  Construction is now underway on a new link that will connect the future Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension mainline to the existing Wilson Subway Yard and expand yard storage facilities. The Government of Canada is contributing $5.5 million to this portion of the project. This contribution is part of the federal government's overall $697-million federal commitment to the subway extension and is also a major component of FLOW, the Government of Canada's transportation action plan for the Greater Toronto Area. The Province of Ontario has provided approximately one-third of the funding for this component of the project. This contribution is part of the province's $870 million for the subway extension through the Move Ontario Trust. Through the 2009 Ontario budget, the province is investing $32.5 billion in infrastructure over the next two years, creating 50,000 jobs. The City of Toronto and The Regional Municipality of York have committed to funding one-third of the total project costs, of which Toronto will contribute $526 million and York Region will contribute $352 million.

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