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UP increasing train speed on Wisconsin rail line

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Approximately $9 million in track improvements will allow UP to increase the speed limit of its trains to 50 mph on nearly 26 miles of its rail line between Eau Claire and Fairchild, Wis. The train speed limit will be increased 10 miles per hour starting December 11, 2009, and another 10 miles per hour starting December 18, 2009, to reach the new maximum speed limit.  Trains currently operate through the area at 30 mph because of track and operating constraints. Recent track improvements are permitting the higher speeds. Union Pacific invested $9 million this year on track improvements between Eau Claire and Fairchild. Crews replaced the rail, installed seven switches, replaced the road surfaces at 37 crossings, replaced 25,000 ties and spread 15,600 tons of ballast. Work was completed at the end of October.

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