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VTA Board adopts 2010 Short Range Transit Plan

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The Santa Clara Valley, Calif., Transportation Authority Board of Directors unanimously adopted the 2010 Short Range Transit Plan Feb. 4. In compliance with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's requirement, VTA produced the 2010 SRTP to plan for transit service over the next 10 years. The Board's approval of the 2010 SRTP makes VTA eligible for federal and state transportation grants.

Currently, MTC requires
transit agencies to adopt a SRTP every year. VTA’s 2010 SRTP document includes
projections of transit capital and operating expenses and revenues, along with
supporting information about VTA’s services and programs.

There are two major changes
from previous versions of the SRTP. The first change is the incorporation of
the Measure A Expenditure Plan into the Capital Improvement Program, rather
than showing the Measure A projects in a separate appendix. As such, projects
fall into either the Core capital program or the Measure A capital program.

The second change is the
practice of categorizing each project based on funding constraints. Therefore,
there are two groups of projects: Tier I projects, which have a reasonable
source of funding identified, and Tier II projects, which have no identified
source of funding.

The 2010 SRTP is the first
to include BART service in Santa Clara County, scheduled for Fiscal Year 2018.
The operating and capital plans both reflect the construction and operation of
BART service. VTA’s SRTP also includes a Fleet Management Plan for Fiscal Year
2009-2024, which details VTA’s fleet needs over the next fifteen years.

VTA emphasizes that the
projections contained in the 2010 SRTP represent the latest information as
currently understood. However, financial information is subject to change,
particularly in the out years of the plan as more information is gathered and
financial conditions change.

VTA will submit the 2010 SRTP
to MTC by the end of the month.

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