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Whitby GO customers now have more parking options

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On Feb. 16, a four-level parking structure opened at Whitby, Ont., GO Station offering customers 1,400 covered parking spaces and increasing the total to over 3,000 parking spots at the station.

"GO Transit is
always looking to improve our customers’ experience. This new multi-level
parking structure will provide even more spaces for customers’ vehicles and
encourage more people to get on the GO," said Gary McNeil, GO Transit’s
Managing Director.

This parking structure is
an example of GO’s commitment to expanding parking and sourcing new parking
options. GO Transit plans to build multi-level parking structures at select
locations across the network.

"Our government has
put a real emphasis on public transit to reduce congestion and get people out
of single occupant vehicles and onto transit," said Kathleen Wynne,
Ontario Minister of Transportation. "Our investments in transit are
creating jobs, strengthening our economy and improving the quality of the air
we breathe. Better public transit means a better quality of life for Ontario

Expanding service and
adding more parking options encourages people to get onto transit, which
reduces congestion on the roads and helps the environment. GO Transit
continually looks for ways to improve service to better meet customer needs.

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