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White paper on railroad ties now available

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Axion International Holdings, Inc., which makes plastic crossties, pointed to the release of a white paper on the overall state of America's railroad tie market by the editors of SmallcapInsights.com.

Entitled "Plastic
Railroad Ties: Growing Market for Alternative Materials," the white paper
details the railroad tie industry and the massive amounts of capital
expenditures the railroads must outlay to maintain and replace deteriorated
railroad ties over the nation’s extensive network of track, which tops over
140,490 miles.

From the white paper, "The
U.S. railroad industry spent well over $8 billion on infrastructure projects in
2006. Replacing worn out railroad ties is one of the industry’s biggest ongoing
expenses. Railroads have traditionally relied on using wood ties, but plastic
railroad ties, using the latest in plastic technology, offer advantages of
lower long-term operating costs and several environmental benefits."

Axion International’s technology,
which was developed in conjunction with scientists at Rutgers University, has
resulted in 100-percent recycled plastic materials that are the first known
structural products of their kind that can support heavy loads. These
structural building materials can be utilized in a number of industrial
applications, including railway infrastructure.

A link to the white paper
is available on the SmallcapInsights.com website:

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