Watch: MBTA’s Codman Yard Expansion project advances, construction by late 2022

Written by David C. Lester, Managing Editor
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MBTA is upgrading Codman Yard

MBTA is upgrading Codman Yard.

As part of the MBTA’s Capital Program and Red Line Transformation (RLT), the MBTA has announced that the construction contract for the Codman Yard Expansion and Improvements project has been advertised to bid. The advancements made to Codman Yard will increase capacity and improve the overall reliability and quality of service for all riders. A video providing an overview of the project improvements is available online.

The Codman Yard storage tracks are where Red Line cars are stored, maintained, and deployed.

“Yards are crucial to providing efficient service to the entire system,” said MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak. “They are where we store, maintain, and deploy vehicles each day. Improving Codman Yard is the first step towards improving the quality of service for all riders on the Red Line and in the surrounding community.” 

In addition to storing the vehicles, yards also allow the MBTA to perform quality checks, make any necessary improvements, and keep the car interiors clean without disrupting regular service. Codman Yard currently has 16 storage tracks that can hold around 70 vehicles. The project consists of replacing the existing tracks and building six new storage tracks. Expanding the yard with these additional tracks will allow Codman Yard to hold over 100 cars. Other improvements include replacing the inspection pit, the Ashmont double crossover, vehicle wash, lighting, and power throughout the yard to provide an expanded, improved, and fully functioning railroad yard. 

This aerial view of Codman Yard includes the planned expansion and other improvements.

“Executing these improvements will bring several benefits to the entire Red Line system,” said MBTA Chief of Capital Transformation Angel Peña. “Our plans to improve and expand Codman Yard increase capacity, site security, and safety, and decrease overall noise. As we strive to provide our riders with a more reliable system and the best quality of service possible, these advancements will help us achieve that goal.”

The MBTA expects to award the contract this summer and begin construction by fall 2022 with a projected completion in fall 2025. However, the Capital Transformation team is always looking for ways to accelerate the timeline and bring these much-needed improvements to the public sooner. Before any construction begins, the Red Line Transformation team will hold a public meeting to communicate the expectations prior to the builder mobilizing the site.

Capital Transformation follows a holistic approach to transforming the Green, Orange, and Red Lines. The program is aligned by six Levels of Transformation: Improving Safety & Bringing Infrastructure into a State of Good Repair, Enhancing Accessibility, Replacing Legacy Fleets, Increasing Passenger Capacity, Modernizing Rider Experience, and Expanding Service.

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