Chicago mass transit may get funding boost from proposed gas tax hike

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Riders for Better Transit joined with transit riders and advocates from across the Chicago region to propose Transit Fast Forward (SB 3236), state legislation that the group says would improve Chicagoland transit service through increased investment and a dedicated source of funding that would grow over time.

Read the details of the bill on the Illinois General Assembly site at

In a prepared statement, Riders for Better Transit said, “the proposed legislation is aimed at addressing the inadequate funding for transit options at a time when residents are increasingly looking for an alternative to driving. The Chicago area is one of the country’s most congested regions. Strong transit service helps reduce congestion, improve commute times, save households money and enhance the region’s quality-of-life, making transit one of the wisest transportation investments available.

“Transit Fast Forward would generate an estimated $11.6 million in 2013, and a projected $168 million over the first five years. It indexes the state gas tax with inflation, a move that will dedicate an additional fraction of a penny per gallon to public transportation. The end result will be better commutes for drivers and transit riders alike.”

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